Your Brain On Acupuncture

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Let us look at your brain on acupuncture! I am frequently asked “Does acupuncture really work?”, “What’s happening when you put a needle in?” , and “Will it reduce my pain?”. 

I’ve compiled a few resources that can help give a visual representation of the effects of acupuncture.

Here’s an interesting video that addresses these questions and shows MRI results on how the brain reacts when acupuncture is being performed. 


Here’s another image that shows the difference between a healthy individual (top), an individual with carpal tunnel pain-showing yellow- (middle), and the individual post acupuncture (bottom) showing blue, which indicates relaxation.

Melinda Beck, Wall Street Journal

Melinda Beck, Wall Street Journal

Need more evidence? Here’s another image for the effects on knee pain.

Knee Pain MRI Scan and Acupuncture

Knee Pain MRI Scan and Acupuncture

Acupuncture sessions generally are 45-60min in length. Needles can be left in approximately 15-30min (depending on the condition treated). In the photo above, it shows the effects after only 20min, which is incredibly fast!


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