Yoga Therapy & Acupuncture Workshop

yogaacufinalI can already hear your brilliant minds working; YES! Yoga & Acupuncture!

Wait. What the heck is Yoga Therapy and how does Acupuncture fit in? Before I give you an account of what yoga therapy felt like to me, here’s what Shari Arial has to say about it:

“Yoga therapy varies greatly, with some practices being oriented towards physical health conditions while others more psycho-emotional.  Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy focuses on the latter, using embodied mindfulness and presence as its foundation.  Acknowledging and understanding that which makes sense in your body.  Have you ever been in a yoga class and had an emotional thought or feeling during your practice?  Have you ever thought why that might be happening?  Or maybe you’ve never been to yoga but notice that you have that kind of response during certain events in your life.  Have you ever thought why you might be responding that way?  The style of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy uses introspective questions with movement and yoga poses to bring you to a deeper awareness as to what might be happening in the present moment, physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.  This may offer some insight as to how you are being in daily life, work, play, family, relationships.”

When I first scheduled an appointment with Shari, I really had no idea what to expect.

Would I be doing yoga? Would I talk about my emotions? Was this like therapy? 

It is always instructed to be mindful in yoga, but it was not until Shari put me in certain poses and asked me how I felt that I realised parts of my body actually held emotional garbage. My back held fear, my hips had years of crammed-down-sadness, and my chest full of trauma I “didn’t have time” to deal with. Once I acknowledged those emotions, it was much easier for them to dissolve.

Now imagine a small group session of this followed by acupuncture to deepen and ground the process of yoga therapy. In this 3 part Yoga Therapy and Acupuncture Workshop held at Reset Wellness we will explore the connection of physical disruptions manifested by our emotions and relationships.

  • Three 2 hour workshops, offered in a series of once per week focusing on energetic pathways in the body, accessing them through embodied yoga movement and acupuncture points:
  •  (1) mind – we will acknowledge the mind and explore the power it has over our daily thoughts, feelings, emotions and reactions.   Acupuncture points will be used to retune the mind and return us to the centre of our body.
  • (2) body – we will explore the relationship with our body, which is our greatest teacher in life, learning the different ways it may be communicating with us. Acupuncture points will be used to imprint love and compassion for ourselves.
  • (3) spirit – we will honour the deep wisdom that resides within each of us, learning to harness that energy and how use it to make powerful changes in our lives. Acupuncture points will be used to continue to open us up to our spirit, freeing us from past habitual patterns and allowing our intuition to move us forward in life.

What it looks like:

  • 75 minute mindful yoga practice with internal dialogue focusing on the weekly theme
  • 30 minutes of acupuncture performed during savasana focusing on weekly theme
  • 15 minutes of integrating and further imprinting what you may have noticed


  • March 13: Mind 2pm
  • March 20: Body 2pm
  • March 27: Spirit 2pm


  • Sign up for one – $90 per workshop; or,
  • Sign up for all three – $250.


Reset Wellness 10324 Whyte Ave, Edmonton (downstairs via elevator)

How to Register:

Email to secure your spot.

Come regroup, rejuvenate and restore yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually through this unique offering.

There is the potential for recovery through insurance for the acupuncture portion of the workshops

($45 acupuncture receipt will be provided for each workshop).

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