reiki treatment edmonton

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a traditional hands on healing technique that originated in Japan in the 1800s with Mikao Usui.

The approach is spiritual in nature and its focus is on vibrational or frequency re-alignment. This means that Reiki targets physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances.

Think of your favourite radio station. If the station is 103.9, then when you are on the correct frequency, it sounds crystal clear. If you were on 103.6, there would likely be white noise and crackling. Reiki helps tune you back to your correct vibration and frequency.

What to expect during a treatment: I place my hands on common spots on the body (head, sternum, stomach, hips, feet) while the client lies on a massage table. Many people report feeling calm, relaxed, or even fall asleep.


Going to Vanessa has drastically changed my outlook on my body and spirituality. She introduced me to healing crystals and the power of reiki. Each time I see her my entire being feels reset and at peace. On top of healing my spirit Vanessa also fixes my tired, semi firing, aching powerlifting muscles. I would recommend her to anyone. Simply amazing!



what you think, you become. — Buddha