Acupuncture, Insomnia & Blue Light

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What do Acupuncture,  Blue light, and Insomnia have in common? I hosted a massage student practicum and this is an eye opening piece written by Kelsey Eigler. Think about your day right now. Play it through your head. Do you check your phone first thing in the morning? Before you go to bed? Do you work in an office? On …

Tennis Elbow and Wrist Pain

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Working in a gym setting, I see a lot of elbow, forearm, and wrist pain. This can occur from many ways: Lifting too heavy a load: increasing a load when the body is not ready can result in immediate injury. Lifting a heavy load improperly: Proper technique is something I leave to all the trainers, physiotherapists, and chiropractors at Evolve. …

Akashic Record Reading

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Akashic record readings are a fascinating dip into a highly energetic practice. I stumbled across them by word of mouth and literally had a reader sitting in my office offering me a session before I knew what they were. The readings have roots dating back to the beginning of the Universe. They were potentially accessed in Egyptian times and by …

Yoga Therapy & Acupuncture Workshop

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I can already hear your brilliant minds working; YES! Yoga & Acupuncture! Wait. What the heck is Yoga Therapy and how does Acupuncture fit in? Before I give you an account of what yoga therapy felt like to me, here’s what Shari Arial has to say about it: “Yoga therapy varies greatly, with some practices being oriented towards physical health …

Happy Holidays from VG Acupuncture!

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Happy Holidays Everyone!! I’m doing a fun draw before 2016! Any existing client who writes a Google Review for Vanessa Groshong Acupuncture will be entered into a draw for a free session in 2016!  How do you leave a review? You must have a Google account (ie:gmail) Open Google Maps on your mobile device (cell phone, tablet, computer) and type …

Your Brain On Acupuncture

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Let us look at your brain on acupuncture! I am frequently asked “Does acupuncture really work?”, “What’s happening when you put a needle in?” , and “Will it reduce my pain?”.  I’ve compiled a few resources that can help give a visual representation of the effects of acupuncture. Here’s an interesting video that addresses these questions and shows MRI results …

A Treat For Great Digestion

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As we creep into fall, it is easier for things to become busier and busier! Are you finding all the stress is creating for irregular digestion? I tried this awesome smoothie from a fellow acupuncturist and found that it is great to restart the bloaty, off-feeling, slow digestive system. It’s a great pick-me-up around lunch time and it tastes so …

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New Online Booking for Millet!

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Moving from one acupuncture clinic to a new one can pose some real obstacles for both the practitioner and the clients. There is a new location, a new number, a new environment and possibly even new prices. Luckily, Vanessa Groshong Acupuncture has launched ONLINE BOOKING for the Millet location to help make this as smooth a transition for everyone. Grab your …

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