How EPT Works

Emotional Polarity Technique – What are you doing and how do you do it?

By Vanessa Groshong BA, R.Ac, EPT

EPT has a very specific method to it. Focus, Find it, Fix it, Forgive it.

First, we must identify your focus. What do you want healed? Is it your anxiety, depression, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, suicidal thoughts, debt, being held back, stuck in life, anger, abuse, tremor, disease, etc?  Once this has been identified, I must then know why you want it healed. If you are unable to tell me why you want this to change, then we miss out on a direct focus.

Second, I identify where you are in The 7 Stages of Healing (Read more here).

Next I find the traumatic incidents that are causing this. This is the most common question of “how do you do that”. It’s simple. You can muscle test for just about anything, especially trauma that is rooted in the body. (For more information, check out this awesome article on it by Amy B. Scher) Your subconscious will not lie to me. This really is critical because not all events are known to the conscious mind. Events can even be discovered in the womb. Yes, you read that correctly. I have found many incidents where clients have trauma relating to their time in utero.

Then we fix it. This means we change the body’s response to the memory by using a magnet. You know when you hold two north side magnets to each other? It repels. This is why using the correct side of a magnet becomes very important. Picture it this way. Say the body’s emotional response is a negative polarity. By using a positive polarity of a magnet, they will attract each other. Think of it as an extraction.

Next is the most important step, forgiveness. Forgiveness is the highest form of healing because it is rooted in love. By providing all parties forgiveness, you actually diffuse all trauma and recreate your life path. This is where profound changes occur.

Why wait?

It is essential to uncover the root of why you’re in your current state. Discover transformational healing and live your life the way you want to.


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In gratitude xo


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  1. Hi Vanessa.
    I’m wondering if this technique would be beneficial to me. I had body work done before and feel it’s that time again. In the process of leaving a long term relationship. Mutual but uncapitable. As you can imagine this is a very heart wrenching journey. I just need help with the rumination and acceptance. I’ve done allot of work but I still feel it’s residing within my body.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

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