Gua Sha EdmontonWhat is Gua Sha?

Body work is a great addition to acupuncture treatments. I find it especially useful for relieving symptoms associated with neck, shoulder, back, rheumatism, and nerve pain.

Clients typically can leave with a road-rash like bruise from this modality, but it looks worse than it really is.

Gua Sha (meaning scrape away the fever) is used to relieve the stagnation of blood that obstructs surface tissues. Interestingly, the “sha” (road-rash) does not usually show up on healthy tissue. The sha usually lasts 3-7 days, but if longer, it is typically due to an underlying imbalance in the energy flow. It helps to eliminate toxins from the body, relieve pain, increase immune function, reduce stress, and restore harmony.

So what happens? I apply oil to the area where Gua Sha is performed and then press a rounded jade stone or soup spoon into the skin. I repeat strokes until the sha appears. The body then heals the damaged tissue by increasing circulation to the area.

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My experience going to see Vanessa has been bar none the best! She is very intuitive with her approach and has so many unique techniques to share in regards to healing! She is super genuine in her desire to heal people which comes through in her presence and each treatment she has provided me. I would recommend her to anyone who needs any kind of healing; mind, body or spirit.



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