Fall Updates

Hi Tribe!

Here’s what is happening this fall…

I accepted a part time teaching position with Grant MacEwan from September to December. In order to accomodate my schedule changes, I have opened Mondays for bookings. The latest hours are as follows:

Mondays 11am-3pm

Tuesday 1pm-7pm

Wednesday 3pm-7pm

Thursday 11:30am-5pm

Friday 3pm-5pm

Saturday Phone/Skype/Zoom appointment only 10am-2pm

I have also decided to take some time off at the beginning of October to fly back to Indianapolis to further my training in Emotional Polarity Technique.

Lastly, I have begun building an online course. The focus of this course is to open your awareness to what your body is telling you and to tap into your intuition fully. I often am asked, “How the heck do you do your work?”, and the answer if that I fully trust my intuition to guide me exactly where I need to focus. This in turn helps me quickly eliminate pain, frustration, anxiety, and confusion from my body at rapid speeds. There has been an increase in demand for instruction on how to do this, so keep an eye for this course later this fall.

Thank you all for your patience in the changes happening!

With love and gratitude,



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