EPT from the comfort of your home

Not wanting to come in person? That’s a-ok. We have at home, on the phone Emotional Polarity Technique from none other than Kelsey Eigler.

How can it possibly work over the phone, you say? We are highly trained to be able to provide this treatment modality through a multitude of avenues.

Here’s Kelsey.

My name is Kelsey Eigler, and I was introduced to EPT after a series of traumatic events in 2015. After losing my Dad to suicide, I began to experience migraines for the first time in my life. This was very alarming because I had hardly even known what headaches were up to this point.

It made sense that the migraines could be rooted through grief, but it wasn’t until I learned EPT that I fully understood how trauma effects us.

I am happy and grateful to say that I haven’t experienced a migraine in the full year and a half since learning EPT and have had the privilege of helping others work through and heal their ailments as well.

Feel free to kick back in your sweat pants while we heal your deepest wounds.

I offer distance work over the phone, Zoom, or Skype from the comfort of your home.



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  1. Hi Kelsey,
    I have just started seeing an acupuncturist for digestive issues. Actually, I have a lot of emotional issues as well. My acupuncturist gave me your site, as she thought it might be something that would help me release the trauma that is still causing me problems. I don’t really remember any details of what happened, tho. EPT may be what I need. I would have to do the distance sessions. What do you charge for that? And do you have any certification that I could use under my benefits at work?
    Thank you ,

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