Emotional Polarity Technique (EPT)

Holistic healing for your body, mind and spirit.

So what is Emotional Polarity Technique? EPT is pivotal to holistic health care. In a world where we turn to years of talk therapy and mind altering drugs, EPT is a unique and effective approach to achieving physical, emotional and spiritual growth applied in just 3 steps:


EPT reveals what the mind conceals. We use muscle testing to locate the original event that caused disharmony in the body


EPT balances the brain & body on a cellular level. We use magnetic polarity and breath work to disrupt the bodies current patterns


EPT reprograms the information stored within the cells. We use specific statements that allow transformation of old patterns. This is the key to healing and growth in your mind, body and spiritual life

So who would Emotional Polarity Technique benefit? Absolutely everyone. We can ALL relate to being hurt by someone or something in our lives, but what we aren’t traditionally taught is how much these single moments can physically alter our cellular make-up. EPT has over 25 years of clinical success reducing or completely eliminating:

Anxiety – PTSD – Grief – Low Self Esteem – Chronic Migraines – Emotional, Physical & Sexual Abuse Trauma – Chronic Illness – Eating Disorders – OCD – Business Growth – Relationship Healing – Bed Wetting – Sabotage Behaviour – Insomnia – Genetic Disorders – Digestive Symptoms – Learning Disorders – Menstrual Pain – Addiction – Depression/Hopelessness – Scars – Chronic Pain – and so much more

So what’s the investment? Let me be clear. EPT is an extremely efficient and effective resource that will change your life. It is not the magic pill that will erase all your traumas and issues in one visit. Nothing is! Like anything, you must put the work in. The change starts once you’re willing to show up, pay attention, tell the truth, & let go. Yes it’s that simple!

***A 7 session commitment is what we strongly recommend for transformational healing****




***ADVENTURE GUARANTEE*** If, after your first session, you don’t believe this modality is for you, you do not have to pay. If after purchasing a single session you decide that you want to buy a package, the cost and session of this treatment will go toward the package you choose.

EPT is offered in South Edmonton with Vanessa or St. Albert with Kelsey.

To connect with Vanessa: vanessa@vanessagroshong.com OR 780-863-1000

To connect with Kelsey: kelsey@ripple-effect.ca  OR www.ripple-effect.ca  OR 780-245-5357

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    I suffer from social anxiety and have been trying to find ways to overcome it for some time with no real lasting results.


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