Your Brain On Acupuncture

Let us look at your brain on acupuncture! I am frequently asked “Does acupuncture really work?”, “What’s happening when you put a needle in?” , and “Will it reduce my pain?”.  I’ve compiled a few resources that can help give a visual representation of the effects of acupuncture. Here’s an interesting video that addresses these questions and shows MRI results …

A Treat For Great Digestion

As we creep into fall, it is easier for things to become busier and busier! Are you finding all the stress is creating for irregular digestion? I tried this awesome smoothie from a fellow acupuncturist and found that it is great to restart the bloaty, off-feeling, slow digestive system. It’s a great pick-me-up around lunch time and it tastes so …

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New Online Booking for Millet!

Moving from one acupuncture clinic to a new one can pose some real obstacles for both the practitioner and the clients. There is a new location, a new number, a new environment and possibly even new prices. Luckily, Vanessa Groshong Acupuncture has launched ONLINE BOOKING for the Millet location to help make this as smooth a transition for everyone. Grab your …

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