Lacking Financial Abundance

Are you having trouble attracting financial abundance?

Difficulty attracting abundance in general?

Do you have a hate on for money and those who have a lot of it?

Lets discuss beliefs and conditioning. A lot of what we believe about money started when we were children. In some cases, it is inherited through generations. I hear it all the time, “I can’t afford this. That person is such a rich snob. I’ll never get ahead. He must be an a-hole with a car like that.” These are limiting beliefs and judgements. We were taught this by our parents, our friends, and society.

Imagine your life without these negative beliefs and judgements. Sounds like freedom, doesn’t it?

I’m often asked what my daily routine is. A big part of my day is to listen to pre-recorded affirmation lists so I get a constant stream of belief conditioning. It’s taking “what you believe, you become” to the next level.

I’ve put together a special audio that has EPT embedded inside statements so you can listen to in order to help clear negative and limiting beliefs surrounding abundance and create new beliefs on how to attract more.

Steps to audio.

  1. Play audio in the morning while getting ready, sitting quietly, or driving to work.
  2. Play everyday.
  3. Stop making excuses like “I don’t have time” – This audio is 7min and 25sec. Schedule it, and do it.
  4. If you’re getting the hang of this audio, it’s time to make your own! (contact me if you need help with this)



Still think you have more blocks and limiting beliefs to uncover? Consider Emotional Polarity Technique to help lift deep rooted traumas associated with finance and prosperity.

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