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Vanessa, also known as VanOhm, started her journey into acupuncture with a severe case of tennis elbow. Where all other treatment failed, acupuncture was the one modality that made all the difference in her recovery. Fascinated by how hair-thin needles could make such an impact on pain management and mobility, Vanessa jumped into the Acupuncture program at Grant MacEwan University.

What started as “What can acupuncture help with?”, it quickly changed to “What can’t acupuncture help?”. Vanessa quickly discovered that once you truly understand that everything is energy, then the possibilities of alleviating discomfort is endless.

Her education did not stop at Traditional Acupuncture. She advanced her training (and continues to) with Matt Callison’s Sports Medicine Acupuncture to enable the highest and fastest healing for athletes and MVA injuries. She studied with Ellen Montague from Salem, Oregon and is certified in Reiki. Then she took off to Indiana and studied Emotional Polarity Technique (EPT) with legendary Dr. Annette Cargioli. EPT unlocks trauma that is hidden in the subconscious to allow for transformational healing. She is currently studying with Lindsay Hopper to master The Creative Process Healing Method. Vanessa is constantly hungry for more knowledge so she can continue to serve the people who seek the deepest form of healing.

Vanessa’s goal is to help bring you to the best form of yourself that is possible. That can appear as releasing trauma, reducing pain, removing blocks that are holding you back from a booming business or loving relationships, or overcoming chronic illness that has had no other relief. She is proud to say she operates only one room at a time in order to focus solely on your healing and dedicates as many modalities as she can within your session.


My name is Kelsey Eigler, and I was introduced to EPT after a series of traumatic events in 2015.
After losing my Dad to suicide, I began to experience migraines for the first time in my life. This was very alarming because I had hardly even known what headaches were up to this point.

It made sense that the migraines could be rooted through grief, but it wasn’t until I learned EPT that I fully understood how trauma effects us.

I am happy and grateful to say that I haven’t experienced a migraine in the full year and a half since learning EPT and have had the privilege of helping others work through and heal their ailments as well.

Feel free to kick back in your sweat pants while we heal your deepest wounds.

I offer distance work over the phone, Zoom, or Skype from the comfort of your home.

vanessa acupuncturist
5 star acupuncture clinic


Vanessa is a very compassionate, caring practitioner. Her attention to detail and enthusiasm is what drives her ability to deliver a treatment that produces positive results and well-being, tailored with her clients specific needs and goals in mind.


I received acupuncture treatment from Vanessa on my knee. I pulled my ACL and although I had surgery to repair the damage, I noticed my knee healed much faster and easier after the acupuncture treatment.


There is nothing better than going to see a professional who has a genuine passion for their career. I highly recommend Vanessa for all your acupuncture needs.



Acupuncture works on the movement of Qi in meridians. Think of your meridians (energy pathways) as highways with many different routes and your Qi (energy) as a car travelling. If all is well, traffic moves unhindered. If there is an accident and traffic is blocked, you must re-route. The same can happen with your energy flowing through your body. Stress, injury, trauma, grief, improper diet, or hormone imbalance can interrupt the flow of the Qi in its meridians. Acupuncture helps to unblock the traffic jam as well as heal what caused it in the first place. Some other complimentary modalities include;

  • What can acupuncture help with
    Gua Sha helps to eliminate toxins from the body, relieve pain, increase immune function, reduce stress, and restore harmony.
  • What can acupuncture help with
    Emotional Polarity Technique is a unique release on past emotional traumas which cause disharmonies in the body.


What can acupuncture help with? Find out, book today.