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Vanessa, also known as the Urban Witch, grew up wondering why she had so many experiences that no one could fully explain or relate to.

This left her feeling isolated and wondering, “Why me?”, “What is this?”, and “How can I make it go away?”

In her mid-teens she began to experience severe headaches and migraines followed by digestive disturbances that were never explained by modern medicine.

Little did she know, hidden within her pain was her purpose, and this journey became the insight that allows her to connect with her clients and help them know they are not alone.

After finishing her BA with the University of Alberta, she quickly understood her purpose was not as a translator in the corporate world. In fact, it was almost a U-turn in the other direction.

To this day, she thanks her repetitive strain injury for pushing her towards more answers within acupuncture and complementary medicine.

Her curiosity towards pain has given her the title of “it is an experience beyond acupuncture”.

Constantly seeking faster and more transformative modalities, Vanessa has mastered quick discovery and elimination of root causes to most ailments. Through her trainings with Dr. Annette Cargioli, Lindsay Hopper, Glenyce Hughes, and more, she has developed deep understanding that our body is a massive holding tank for emotions, pain, trauma, shame, and non-contributing belief systems.

Even further, that these can be cleared and even re-patterned to live out the life that is truly desired, in minimal time.

When often asked, “How do you do this?”, she responds with:

“Do you question Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or any other magical happenings? In Chinese Medicine, we speak of Qi/Energy movement. That when this movement is stuck or interrupted, it leads to pain. Though we cannot see energy moving, we can feel it.

We feel it moving as we experience joy and laughter, and we feel it stuck with pain and sadness.
The question is not “How?”, it’s “When are you ready to be free of it?”.

Vanessa’s work also extends into mentoring for acupuncturists, transforming romantic relationships, and guiding people to a greater well being.

Her purpose is to show you that your limitations are not your truth. It truly is possible to build a sustainable and full schedule in the healing modalities.

It is possible to have the most incredible relationship beyond judgement, fear, and emotional triggers.

It is possible to be free of all pain and suffering, even if you have tried everything.

The first step is knowing it is a possibility. Beyond that, all that is required is the right guide to bring you into that space and energy.

To your freedom in health, wealth, and relationship,


– V

5 star acupuncture clinic


Vanessa is a very compassionate, caring practitioner. Her attention to detail and enthusiasm is what drives her ability to deliver a treatment that produces positive results and well-being, tailored with her clients specific needs and goals in mind.


I received acupuncture treatment from Vanessa on my knee. I pulled my ACL and although I had surgery to repair the damage, I noticed my knee healed much faster and easier after the acupuncture treatment.


There is nothing better than going to see a professional who has a genuine passion for their career. I highly recommend Vanessa for all your acupuncture needs.



Acupuncture works on the movement of Qi in meridians. Think of your meridians (energy pathways) as highways with many different routes and your Qi (energy) as a car travelling. If all is well, traffic moves unhindered. If there is an accident and traffic is blocked, you must re-route. The same can happen with your energy flowing through your body. Stress, injury, trauma, grief, improper diet, or hormone imbalance can interrupt the flow of the Qi in its meridians. Acupuncture helps to unblock the traffic jam as well as heal what caused it in the first place. Some other complimentary modalities include;

  • What can acupuncture help with
    Gua Sha helps to eliminate toxins from the body, relieve pain, increase immune function, reduce stress, and restore harmony.
  • What can acupuncture help with
    Subconscious Imprinting Technique is a unique release on past emotional traumas which cause disharmonies in the body.


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