When she looks into your eyes you can tell she is seeing you; I mean REALLY seeing YOU! You feel a little exposed and then she asks you some very pointed questions; how does she know? Who told her about your pain points and hidden shame? Her gaze continues, so full of kindness and compassion it causes you to drop your walls and let her in.
Meet Vanessa ……The Urban Witch.

Best Acupuncturist in Edmonton

It hasn’t always been like this for Vanessa being raised in a very traditional manner where things were done a certain way, academic studies were expected and western medicine was the only consideration for your health matters. Vanessa did what was expected of her despite the discomfort she felt and dove into academics and earned a bachelor degree in French Literature and translation, the NOT so obvious choice. All the while Vanessa felt very uncomfortable in her own skin, as well as amongst her family and friends.

Fast forward to an elbow injury; through this Vanessa was introduced to Acupuncture and the Eastern Medicine philosophy and she was intrigued. So much so that she set out to earn a diploma in Acupuncture. On top of not having good grades or being even close to the best in class, the belief from teachers was instilled that building a practice would be HARD and financial rewards would be grim. Did she make a mistake? Maybe the French Degree and the little dream of working for United Nations would have been a better option.

Vanessa found an established clinic in a rural community about an hour outside the city thinking there would be less practitioners to compete with and an active client base in place. It was a gruelling drive to and from for Vanessa; especially in the hard winter months, but she was doing what she had to do. One day things changed ABRUPTLY! Following clinic policy, Vanessa billed a client for a no show and it was game over! She was FIRED!! In that moment she lost everything; her client base, her practice, her pride and her income vanished!! This was one of the BEST days of her life, disguised as one of her WORST!

Vanessa picked herself up & dusted herself off, committed to building her practice from scratch. Through several more trials and tribulations, and continuing to speak her truth, The REAL Vanessa began to emerge. She continued to connect to her power, removing the noise about who she “should” be, even after being urged by a respected colleague not to call herself a witch.

The more she spoke her truth and honoured HER awareness, she started to tap into her intuition and allow it to guide her treatments, quickly getting unprecedented results that no one else was able to achieve for her clients. This in turn opened the floodgates with referrals; soon becoming one of Edmonton’s most sought out acupuncturists. By focusing on the entire human system, mind-body-spirit, she was able to unlock repressed memories, emotions, and traumas and remove them to allow her clients to move forward with their journey pain-free. It wasn’t long before Vanessa’s practice was at full capacity and she needed to clone herself to meet the demand. The Empowered Healers Academy was born.

When she’s not teaching or working with clients, Vanessa loves the challenge of creating new bowls and mugs in pottery. Her favourite color is black, but it isn’t because she’s dark and dreary, she has difficulty distinguishing between colors due to partial color blindness and finds that black brings out her healing instincts. She spends time creating orgonite to further help clear the air of electromagnetic-frequencies, while on the other hand, making the perfect batch of cashew milk.

While the Academy teaches practitioners how to unlock the same limitations in their clients, Vanessa continues to find new ways to serve clients to achieve the unthinkable within themselves.