The 7 Stages of Healing – From Denial to Rainbows and Unicorns

The 7 Stages of Healing

by Vanessa Groshong BA, R.Ac, EPT

This information on The 7 Stages of Healing is a summary of Dr. Annette Cargioli’s work.

The importance in discovering what stage you are in is critical to your healing.

7 Stages of Healing

  1. Denial: This is the sense that what you are going through is normal. That a deeper problem is not a reality. Typical statements said in this stage are:

 “There’s nothing wrong”,” This will go away on its own”, ” This is not really happening” or “I’m fine”

  1. Anger: This is where you see that others are not suffering to the same degree that you are and that they are doing better than you. I call it the “I want to destroy everything” stage. Typical statements said in this stage are:

“Why me”, “I hate this”, “It’s not fair”, “I’m mad others do not have to go through this”

  1. Bargain: This is the point where you hate your life enough to actually change it. A lot of shame and blame come up in this stage. You will literally bargain with yourself on how to heal(I will do anything!). Statements typically said in this stage are:

“In order to lose weight I have to starve myself for 10 days”, “I will run every single day for 30 days and be better!”, “If I do 10 sessions of this, I’ll be forever healed”, “If I do give up what I love, then I can have freedom”

  1. Depression: This is where you crash and burn. You’ve tried everything and nothing has worked so it is easier to give up because you are unable to see up and around the corner on where you are going. You are exhausted, stuck, broken hearted, and you have now accepted that life is horrible.

This is a very important stage to honor. It is where most people give up and abandon themselves. It is where you need to love yourself more than ever because your natural flow of healing has currently been interrupted. It is where you must let go of the belief, habit, or idea that has not allowed you to fully honor your expression of love.

This is where you self medicate, you numb out, or you consume mass amounts of mindless media with the mindset of “what’s the point, nothing will ever change anyway”

  1. Acceptance: This stage is similar to Bargain, however, you have now owned it. You are now willing to change because you LOVE yourself instead of hate yourself.
  2.  Light Emerging: This is where you are birthing a new you. Natural forces and loving help you deliver a new part of your life. At this stage, what you ask for comes. You gain appreciation into what you are and what your divine purpose is.
  3. Creation of New Life (Rainbows and Unicorns): I call this rainbow and unicorns because that’s typically what this stage of healing feels like. You are unstoppable. Your entire life is affected, you are abundant and joyful and EXCITED. Greater spiritual awareness happens here.


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