The #1 Thing Getting in the Way of Your Dreams

The #1 Thing Getting in the Way of Your Dreams

by Vanessa and Kelsey

Recently, we took a course called Access Bars.

With all our training, both formal and informal, we weren’t prepared to experience so much expansion in under eight hours. What ELSE is possible?

In fact, within 24 hours, Kelsey managed to manifest over $3,000.
Would it have happened that way had we not taken the course? Who knows.

What we do know, is as this is being written, we are sitting in a small breakfast shop within the Banff Springs Hotel, after spending the evening on the eighth floor of this beautiful Castle in the mountains over looking the magical valley.

Working in Paradise

8th Floor at the Banff Springs Fairmontt

Please know, we are NOT telling you this to brag. Our intention is solely to expand your mind just as ours was.

Now, we have a very important question for you to ponder…

What conclusions have you made that are blocking you from attracting what you truly desire living?

Now, before answering this question, we wanted to provide you with the definition of what a conclusion is so you know you’re answering it accordingly.


1. the end or finish of an event or process

2. a judgment or decision reached by reasoning

You’ve heard the saying, “You don’t see life as it is. You see life as you are.” 

See, we are all walking around perceiving life based on our conclusions
(aka: judgements and decisions), which are either incredibly limiting, or incredibly empowering. 

To really hone this in, we wanted to share some super common examples. 

How many of these do you relate to?

“I can’t quit my job – I have to stay here to get my pension”.
This conclusion leaves no room for grander possibilities of wealth and abundance.

“I can’t do xyz because I’m in pain and I’ll always be in pain”
This conclusion limits you from doing activities you loved doing, but more importantly, completely disregards what YOUR body wants and the healing it’s completely capable of achieving.

“All men are stupid, I’d rather be single” or “All women are crazy, I’d rather be single”
This conclusion is pretty obvious. And by now, you’re likely getting the point.

These examples are really common, but what about the ones that are hidden in your subconscious mind?

The conclusions you’ve made, but don’t necessarily vocalize.

Let’s use Vanessa and I as an example. We grew up VERY differently. 

Think stability vs. instability. When it came to communication, Vanessa grew up in a home where yelling was not a thing. Kelsey grew up in a home where yelling was how you communicated. Vanessa grew up in a home where adults talked about things behind closed doors. Kelsey grew up in a home where the kids knew way more than a child should know.

When we came together to merge our lives, can you imagine how much of an emotional shit show it was at first?

Vanessa’s conclusion: Yelling is disrespectful, rude, scary.

Kelsey’s conclusion: In order to be heard and acknowledged, yell. 

Our conclusions were counterproductive to each others. Unfortunately, this is where a lot of relationships (that could have be great) end because each person is committed to their conclusions. 

So what about you? What conclusions are counterproductive to the life you want?


Think of one aspect of your life that you would love to see expand. 

Relationships, career, authenticity, joy, experiences, money, etc.

Now, answer these questions:
And be ruthlessly honest with yourself.

1. What is a common phrase you tend to use when it comes to ___________?

2. What is a subconscious conclusion you could have made about ____________ based on the environment you grew up in?

Awareness is the first step.

The second step is to ask yourself expansive questions that open up the possibilities that you’ve been unintentionally closing yourself off to.

Here’s the questions we have learned through Access Consciousness that we have anchored our selves with.

1. What else is possible?
Most people are living in “probability” rather than “possibility”. Are you?

2. What do I have to let go of and who must I become to attain xyz?
Living in a state of curiosity and wonder allows so many possibilities instead of just one. It starts with you. The sky is not the limit, you are.

3. How much better can this get?
Our personal favourite. Use this when something amazing is happening to attract even more, or when something shitty is happening to open up possibility for something BETTER.


Now, any judgements, conclusions, perceptions, projections, assumptions, limitations, traumas, and fear that are getting in the way of you using these questions to expand your life, can we uncreate and destroy them?
Good and bad, right and wrong, POC and POD, all nine, shorts, boys and beyonds.


To your expansion and possibilities,


Our new swing dance space

Banff Spring Hotel


Vanessa + Kelsey

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