What is Acupuncture

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a modality within Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is thousands of years old. It is mainly known as the insertion of ultra-fine stainless steel needles into specific points on the skin along 12 meridians and over 365 points.

Picture meridians as if they are highways in the body travelling from head to toe and energy as a car. If the car is travelling along a highway and experiences an accident, then traffic comes to a stop, and injuries can result.

This is the acupuncture in its basic form. Stress, injury, trauma, poor diet, and lack of exercise (among more) can lead to stagnancy in the body’s energy resulting in pain, chronic illness, emotional fluctuations, and much more..Acupuncture helps to unblock these stagnancies.

What does it treat?

A better question is, “What doesn’t acupuncture treat?”

Acupuncture has been used for centuries to regulate physiological processes by stimulating the body’s natural processes to heal itself.

Some of the most common reasons for seeking acupuncture are pain, injury, depression, headaches, gynecological issues, gastric issues, low back pain, knee pain, neck pain, nausea, malposition of fetus, inducing labor, morning sickness, tennis elbow, sciatica, stroke…and more.

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I started seeing Vanessa once a month (May/2015) to help my body recover from the demands of emergency response work and a rigorous weight training schedule. It wasn’t until I suffered an injury in August that I started to see for myself, what a seemlingly endless wealth of information Vanessa is. In September, I could barely walk and my once muscular back, could now give the Pillsbury doughboy a run for his money. I started frequenting once a week to help manage the pain and decrease inflammation. After 2 sessions I could crouch again! I eventually progressed back to a normal range of motion and was able to start physical therapy because of acupuncture. This woman is seriously amazing.
I have had acupuncture done before at other places, but she is hands down the best I’ve come across. She is very easy to talk to, chill vibe but warm hearted and genuinely passionate about what she does.


Does acupuncture hurt?

Acupuncture needles are as thin as a human hair. Approximately 30 of them can fit in the tip of a hypodermic needle (used for drawing blood)!

I typically relate the insertion of a needle to a small mosquito bite followed by a heavy sensation or dull ache. Other sensations include tingling, warmth, spreading, and sometimes electric.

Many people often drift into a deep state of relaxation a few minutes after needles are inserted. Some even fall asleep!

Can you use acupuncture with pregnancy and infertility?

Yes, of course.

There are multiple studies to show the efficacy of acupuncture in helping people to conceive and to correct gynecological imbalances. It can even help to reduce the less desirable symptoms during pregnancy.

While I love to welcome everyone into my office, I highly encourage my featured fertility gurus in Edmonton.

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